How Much Can I Buy with a $5 Voucher?

Based on last year’s prices, this is about how much of these fruits and vegetables you can buy with $5.
Prices listed not guaranteed. Prices may vary at different vendors.

Acorn SquashAbout 2 pounds at $2.10/pound
ApplesAbout 1.5 pounds at $3 per pound
ArugulaAbout 1 bag at $3.50/bag
Basil2 bunches at $2.50/bunch
Beets1 bunch at $4/bunch
Bell PepperAbout 1 pound (roughly 5 bell peppers) at $3.80/pound
BroccoliAbout 1 bag at $4/bag
Butternut squash 2.5 pounds at $2/pound
Cabbage, greenAbout 2 heads at $2/head
Cabbage, redAbout 1 head at $4/head
CantaloupeAbout 1 melon at $4.30/melon
CarrotsAbout 1 bunch at $3.25/bunch
Cauliflower2 pounds at $2.50/pound
CeleryAbout 2 stalks at $2/stalk
CollardsAbout 1 at $3 each
Corn 1 dozen ears at $5/dozen
CucumbersAbout 2 pounds (roughly 5 cucumbers, or 2 pts) at $2.35/pound
EggplantAbout one 1-pound eggplant at $3.45/pound
GarlicAbout 3 pounds (roughly 2 bulbs) at $1.50/pound
Grapes1 qt at $5/qt
Green BeansAbout 1.5 pounds at $2.60/pound
HerbsAbout 2 bunches at $2/bunch
Jalapenos1 pint box at $2.75/box
Kale1 bag at $3.80/bag
Kohlrabi2.5 pounds at $2/pound
LettuceOne 3.5-oz bag at $3.50/bag
Microgreens1 box at $3/box
MintAbout 2 bunches at $2/bunch
NectarinesAbout 1 pound at $3.40/pound
OkraAbout 1.5 pounds at $3.15/pound
Onions, sweetAbout 2 pounds at $2.20/pound
Onions, yellow5 onions at $1 each
PeachesAbout 1.5 pounds at $3/pound
PearsAbout 1.5 pounds at $3/pound
PotatoesAbout 2 pounds at $2.10/pound
Pumpkins 2.5 pounds at $2/pound
RadishesAbout 1 bunch at $3/bunch
ScallionsAbout 2 bunches at $2/bunch
Squash, yellowAbout 2 pounds at $2.10/pound
Sweet potatoesAbout 2 pounds at $2.25/pound
TomatillosAbout 1.5 pounds at $2.60/pound
TomatoesAbout 2 pounds at $2.40/pound
Tomatoes, cherryAbout 1 qt at $3.75/qt
ZucchiniAbout 2 pounds at $2.15/pound