Welcome to the information site for the Knox County, Tennessee Farmers Market Nutrition Program!

This site is designed to assist shoppers in locating markets and vendors that accept the WIC-FMNP vouchers.

About the WIC Farmers Market Nutrition Program:

  • Provides printed vouchers that WIC participants can use to purchase locally grown fruits, vegetables, and herbs from farmers’ markets
  • Provides nutrition education to WIC participants
  • Supports local farmers and their families.

Additional nutrition incentive programs offering vouchers for fresh produce at Knox County farmers’ markets:

  • Double Up Food Bucks: Many farmers markets in Knox County also accept SNAP/P-EBT and double SNAP benefits through Double Up Food Bucks. To learn more about SNAP and Double Up Food Bucks visit doubleuptn.org.
  • Nourish Kids: Many Knoxville farmers markets offer free activities and vouchers for children with Nourish Kids. Any child ages 2-12 can visit the market to participate in an activity, taste a produce sample, and receive $5 in Produce Bucks to spend on fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, and food-producing plants at the market. For more information and a schedule, visit https://www.nourishknoxville.org/programs/nourish-kids/.
  • Nourish Moves: At the New Harvest Farmers Market and the Wednesday Market Square Farmers Market, Nourish Knoxville offers Nourish Moves, a program that incentives getting outside and participating in physical activity at farmers markets. People of all ages can visit the market to pick up a pedometer, take steps around the market, and receive $3 in Produce Bucks to spend on fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, and food-producing plants at the market. For more information and a schedule, visit https://www.nourishknoxville.org/programs/nourish-moves/.

How to use FMNP Vouchers: 

  1. FMNP vouchers must be picked up in person. Vouchers will not be mailed to recipients.
  2. Vouchers can be picked up at the Knox County Health Department’s main office (located on Dameron Avenue) during normal business hours. For KCHD location and hours, visit https://www.knoxcounty.org/health/.
  3. Vouchers can also be picked up at the New Harvest Farmers Market (located at New Harvest Park) from 3-6pm on the following dates: July 11, July 18, July 25, August 1, August 8, August 15, August 22, August 29. For more information about the New Harvest Farmers Market, visit https://www.nourishknoxville.org/new-harvest/.
  4. Women and children (ages 1-5) can receive up to $30 in vouchers per eligible individual. There is no limit on how many vouchers a family can receive. 
  5. Vouchers may only be used at FMNP authorized farmers’ stands. FMNP vouchers cannot be used at grocery stores. Please see FMNP authorized farms below.
  6. Only TN grown vegetables, herbs, and fruits may be purchased with FMNP vouchers.
  7. Vouchers are distributed in $5 increments. Farmers cannot give change for vouchers. Purchase as close to $5 increments as possible. If a purchase is more than the value of a recipient’s vouchers, the recipient must pay the difference with their own money.
  8. You may use all of your vouchers in one visit to the market or you may spend them at various booths and markets through July and August.
  9. Vouchers do not have to be signed. Recipients and farmers can handle them just like cash.
  10. Vouchers can only be spent between July 1, 2024 – August 31, 2024. Saturday August 31, 2024 is the final day recipients can use their FMNP vouchers.

FMNP Authorized Farms:

  1. Alloy Acres Farms
  2. Battlefield Farm & Garden
  3. Chef’s Harvest
  4. Huff Farm
  5. Inclusive Sustainable Herbs
  6. Justice Farms 
  7. Mountain Meadows Farm
  8. Myers Brothers
  9. Naturally Green Farm & Flowers LLC
  10. Seven Springs Farm To Table
  11. Shady Brook Farms
  12. Thompson Farms 
  13. Zavels Family Farm