Welcome to the information site for the Knox County, Tennessee Farmers' Market Nutrition Program!

This site is designed to assist shoppers in locating markets and vendors that accept the WIC-FMNP vouchers.

FMNP VOUCHERS MUST BE SPENT BY September 12, 2021! Farmers must have vouchers to the bank by or on Wednesday, september 15. Please spend vouchers before the deadline. 

About the WIC Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program:

  • Provides printed vouchers that WIC participants can use to purchase locally-grown fruits, vegetables, and herbs from farmers’ markets
  • Provides nutrition education to WIC participants
  • Supports local farmers and their families.

Knox County Farmers’ Markets have other great programs for your family:

  • Many farmers’ markets in Knox County also accept SNAP and double SNAP benefits through Double Up Food Bucks. To learn more about SNAP and Double Up Food Bucks visit Nourish Knoxville’s website!
  • Many farmers’ markets also host a monthly Nourish Kids Activity. Parents of children ages 2-12 can pick-up a to-go educational activity bag at the participating market. The bag includes a fun take-home activity, a produce sample, and $5 in Produce bucks to spend on fresh fruits, vegetables, and food-producing plants at the market. For more information, including a schedule, visit Nourish Knoxville’s website!

How to use FMNP Vouchers: 

  1. Vouchers may be used only at FMNP authorized farmers’ stands. Do not use FMNP vouchers at grocery stores.
  2. Only TN grown vegetables, herbs, and fruits may be purchased.
  3. The farmer cannot give change. Purchase as close to $5 increments as possible.
  4. If your purchase is more than the value of your vouchers you must pay the difference with your own money.
  5. You may use all of your vouchers in one visit to the market or you may spend them at various booths and markets through July and August.
  6. Sign vouchers before shopping.
  7. Vouchers must be spent by September 12, 2021.